Allegiant The Divergent Series

The dystopian series leaves us to a fascinating beginning when we watch Allegiant online free, the last movie from Veronica Roth’s books. Whereas the best in young adult series – The Hunger Games placed off its fulfill, the new film entertains us till the franchise’s last minutes, this reaches the defeatist power restructuring initial point. Tris Prior as well as her guy Four uncover that post apocalyptic Chicago is harsher compared to ever before, despite despotic Jeanine’s death and also Four’s mother, innovative Evelyn, is currently the commander.

Contain spoilers ahead

Back in Chicago behind the wall, Factionless commander Evelyn (Naomi Watts) has become a bit of a dictator after taking Jeanine’s place. Johanna, the former Amity leader, is in command of the broad group that is known as Allegiant. Watts and Spencer both make these sort of larger than life characters seem relatively believable– at least as believable as anything else in this dystopic, strange world.

They’re doing fine outside in the world when red raindrops start to fall, all over a very sci-fi desert background complete with a pink sky. Peter snarks that the sky is bleeding, but what appears to be nothing in front of them de-materializes and comes into view. Not to worry, it’s only military vessels hanging in the air and several men wearing uniforms and holding guns. “Nothing to worry about, you’re safe now,” they tell the group. Whether they are or not is vastly undecided.

dystopian Chicago in Allegiant

The group enjoys somewhat of a rock star’s welcome. “Your arrival is the most exciting event some of us have ever known,” they are told. Kids run up to the gates inside to talk to Four, calling his name. “How do they know who we are?” Four asks. They are informed that they have been under the top of the line surveillance that is centuries ahead of anything they’ve known for all of their lives. “Nothing creepy about that,” Peter says.

They’re taken to O’Hare Airport– or the former O’Hare Airport. Tris’s brother Caleb doesn’t even know what an airport is and asks. Another subtle reminder while you watch The DIvergent Series Allegiant online is that yes, we are still in the dystopian future, and they don’t have planes. They’re welcomed into what is essentially a version of a landlocked Death Star, the home base. In this case, the home base is called the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, and it’s apparently a big deal. The commander, of course, is their version of Darth Vader, the leader David (played by Jeff Daniels), who seems to enjoy playing his role and a vaguely sinister head honcho.