Underworld: Blood Wars poster
The Underworld is a very interesting franchise from both cinematographic and business perspective. On one hand, it has survived a lot longer than much more famous supernatural blockbusters – those who watch Underworld: Blood Wars, the latest in the series will find out this is the fifth installment. The sheer longevity of the franchise shows that it has some type of lasting appeal that it provides to the general audience, not just the goth and vampire fans. The same factor is the reason why the 2016 version is called simply Blood Wars full movie online and why it managed to attain a very impressive viewership result in the theaters.

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But, on the other hand, there are many things that are hard to figure out. Firstly, the series does not have a massive presence in other types of media, meaning there are no popular video games, action figures or novels written inside of the same fictional universe. From an outside perspective, it seems that the producers work on other projects between the individual movies, not trying to make them into a merchandise empire, at least not to the level of other similar Hollywood ventures. At the same time, there are other things that make Underworld: Blood Wars full movie distinctive in some unexpected ways.

To watch Underworld: Blood Wars online free, as many do, is to once again be reminded of the unique design which is still prevalent in the series. This includes a huge if not total absence of any forms of humor, where the script, actors and the director remain steadfastly focused on making the film exceedingly serious, in spite of the fact that the story covers a basic vampires vs. werewolves plot. The visual design and its decisions are even more poignant. That is why, five movies on, the factions still look the same – vampires are clad in gothic-industrial combinations and utilize high-tech weapons and tools. Opposed to them are werewolves, who seem a lot more contemporary in terms of their fashion style, but decidedly ignore most technology products while they fight with their foes.

The Crew

The fifth installment was created by Cory Goodman who wrote the script, but more importantly, it was directed by Anna Forester. She might not be a famous name unto itself, but she did maintain a decades-long collaboration with the legendary director Roland Emmerich. Her skill and knowledge, especially when it comes to the technical execution of action scenes and the overall pacing of the movie, are shown to be exceedingly high. But, when it comes to the names associated with it, there is no doubt that the biggest one is Kate Beckinsale. She again plays Selene, an elite vampire soldier that once more needs to step into the breach and stop a catastrophe.

Kate Beckinsale as Selene

Like always, the plot provides shallow content and very little depth. Selene is stuck in the middle of a raging conflict between the vampire clans and the werewolves. The war they wage is brutal and apparently endless, that will eventually consume both parties. To stop this, Selene must keep herself and her handful of allies alive and do everything to end the eternal conflict from raging any longer. Naturally, as the story begins to progress, the plot becomes more complicated with the introduction of elements like ancient artifacts. But, through the entire scope of the action and events, the Matrix-like sequence of combat is what still makes the film so enjoyable. Underworld: Blood Wars watch online to set out on a thrill ride with Selene and have fun at every moment.

Sure, the film might not be the cleverest piece of writing, which is seen in often clumsy dialogues. But, Foerster is too experienced to really let the flick implode on itself and her clever editing inside of the maelstrom of action makes them very entertaining. This, along with the runtime of 90 minutes shows a very deliberate approach to watch Underworld Blood Wars online for free, one that simply desired to get the best possible product inside of the defined constraints. The admirable outcome is achieved in a very commendable manner and all the while, the entire atmosphere faithfully follows that all the time.