Star Trek Beyond poster
Star Trek Beyond is a film that was riddled with many elements that are positioned outside of the actual movie. One of its stars, the young Anton Yelchin who played Chekov, died tragically in an automotive accident just weeks before the premiere. Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock, passed away during the preproduction phase. Aside from this, some of the previous actors provided their grievances about the changing social fabric presented in the film, clashing with Simon Pegg and other writers. All of this worked to steal focus from the movie and shift the conversation to the realm of gossip news columns.

However, there is a presence behind this flick that was completely unshaken by this noise that was being generated. That person is Justin Lin, the film’s director. It is clear that his intention for the franchise was to provide anyone who wants to watch Star Trek Beyond with a stellar experience in every sense of the word. This approach allowed him to stay free from any influence that would become problematic before, during and after the end of the production. Thanks to this stoic mentality, he managed to create one of the purest space action movies in the recent years.

A Stone-Cold Thrill Ride

Star Trek was always about the brand of science fiction which presented itself as the opposite from the regular pulp fiction that could be seen when the franchise came about in the 1960’s. Instead of being camp and shallow, its creator Gene Roddenberry and his writers went for a strong narrative that was full of serious and very realistic characters. The same trend was followed all the way until the 1990’s when the incredibly popular TV show began to lose its direction and audience. The ending came with the least successful TV version of the series called Enterprise, which ended the franchise in the beginning years of the 21st century.spaceship

After that, almost five years were needed for J.J. Abrams to bring along his skills and reboot the series for the new generation which does not want any philosophical questions but does crave plenty of action. Since then, three films were created and in some peculiar manner, Star Trek Beyond watch online could quite possibly be the best one. Unlike the previous two, it did not aim to try and keep holding onto some form of intellectualism. Here, there is absolutely no lore or backstory of any relevant manner. The script could easily be a prolonged version of an episode of Voyager, especially when it comes to its sub-plots.

The story is as simple as it can be and it follows James T. Kirk and his starship Enterprise starting a mission into an uncharted region of space to save a stranded crew. However, when they arrive there, they see that an elaborate trap is waiting for them, which results in the crew being scattered all over the unknown planet on which they find themselves. From here, Star Trek Beyond full movie becomes a quest for survival and finding the answers about those who did this to Kirk and his people. No one can deny that this plot is simple, but it has everything for a great space blockbuster which takes its viewers on a thrill ride from the first moment it begins.Chris Pine as Captain James Kirk

Above and Beyond the Notion of Fun

Lin invested an incredible amount of time, energy and money into making this film stand out visually. Its main station, for example, is a thing of pure beauty, steeped in hard-core science fiction worthy of Isaac Asimov. At the same time, other more dynamic parts provide an equally joyful viewing experience because the editors operated with their effects in a fantastic manner. There is no VFX overkill or shaking cameras that obscure the vision of the audience. Instead, the visuals are as smooth as its veteran acting cast. To watch Star Trek Beyond online free, for example, is not any less of an experience than to see it inside of a multiplex theater, became the focus on the visual effect was so strong that it provides a true eye-candy ride on all levels. In any medium, this film simply shines like a star and there no other way around it.