One of the GUIDING PHILOSOPHIES of UberCine:

All movies are good, but some movies are gooder than others.

Another one of the GUIDING PHILOSOPHIES of UberCine:

Opinions are subjective; they will evolve as we do. However, one must say what one really thinks — for especially in America, complex and contentious opinions are as gold.

Welcome to the Goldmine, baby.

UberCine exists because Cinema is almost the greatest art form in the world so far. And yet Cinema is overlooked nearly to the point of vanishing from popular consciousness. If we don’t do something about it — IF WE DON’T WRITE ABOUT MOVIES BEFORE PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT THEM FOREVER — who will?


Gregory swooped into this dubious millennium like a flogged ruminant to earn 1999’s First Prize for Entertainment Reviews/Criticism/Column at the Los Angeles Press Club’s Southern California Journalism Awards. (Succinct, ain’t they? Thank you.) This was perhaps a fluke, but he waved the trophy around a bit and continued writing about life-via-movies anyway, as he’s been doing since he was a wee bairn, thus here we are. Gregory makes movies, has endured genuinely arduous media training, and holds an actual degree in CinĂ©ma (from USC). Gregory has worked in Hollywood (and for pathetic little shit-weasels) — and before that slaved in many, many real jobs — but is recovering nicely. Gregory delights in great and even good Cinema, yet he does not use words like “riveting” or “triumph” unless he is joking, he suggests that terms like “alternative” and “independent” are quite meaningless, and he encourages you to think for yourself. Rock on..


Michael is a finance attorney and a happily married father of three living in suburban Chicago. He is a cinephile, but selectively so: He skipped all of the Godfather movies but owns a complete collection of Val Lewton horror classics. He likes both mainstream movies and weirder fare, but dislikes films steeped in cheap nihilism or smug attitudinizing (yes, American Beauty, I’m talking about you!). He can be found every Sunday during football season lounging on his couch watching his beloved Indianapolis Colts. Michael always wanted to be a novelist, film director, screenwriter and general creative auteur, but never did anything about it. Maybe one day he will.

For UberCine’s continued expansion, bushes are being beated, and trees are being shaked. Write to us! Diversity encouraged.