Iron Man returns in 2, puts out big-time

Midway through Iron Man 2, mega-wealthy egotist-hedonist-industrialist and uncloseted superhero Tony Stark throws himself a birthday party — one of those horrid poseur parties wherein everybody looks like a Versace nightmare — and while the sequence at first feels incongruously silly (Iron Man suited-up, drunkenly dancing to phat beats), it soon jibes with the rest of Jon Favreau’s brilliantly-adrenalized follow-up to his 2008 hit, Iron Man. Sloshed Stark starts amusing his guests via plasma-blast skeet-shooting of assorted bar items, until one nubile celebrant offers up a watermelon.

I Am Legend – critic grants iffy Will Smith thriller generous pass

Try being a cinema critic. Just try. Press screenings are most often held at 7:30 pm on weeknights. That’s the tail end of rush hour. In the biggest movie city in the world, that means approximately two wasted hours struggling pointlessly amongst thousands of irritable and even openly hostile commuters — all going nowhere very, very, very, very slowly. And then enthusiasm is expected. It’s madness, I tell you.
In stark contrast: The existence of Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) —

What you need to know before watching Insurgent

What is in for audiences to find out in this movie? After The Hunger Games rejuvenated interest in an international world broken at its own social foundations, converting on terrible, clandestine strength structures, many franchises ran after. Now, we have Insurgent, the second movie of Divergent trilogy, which includes the distinction to be the nearest clone to The Games, including a charismatic, gifted and qualified young actress in the leading role. One must watch Insurgent online free, it gives us all a lot associated with pretty encounters,

Fantastic Four dares to be non-revisionist

Often it bothers me when people are having fun, particularly in America, where they become extremely loud and obnoxious, and yet just the other day I was walking among some cavorting Americans and their dogs, and my reward for this was the sudden appearance of a curiosity up in the sky. A small airplane was describing a smoke-circle — indeed, tainting the very firmament with advertising, but at least the result was interesting: I was nearly certain we were about to see the formation of a peace-sign…perhaps even with a catchy phrase such as “WAR IS BAD” billowing briefly beside it.

Aronofsky craps in our faces again, with The Wrestler

Perhaps you think you understand machismo. Possibly, possibly — but do you know what being a man is about? Here, allow me to tell you some of what I know of it: Being a man is about doing your own dishes, tying your own shoes, and minding your own business. It’s about being kind and polite. It’s about never hitting anybody – ever. It’s about being able to spend the night alone without being a useless baby about it. It’s about being good not only to your family,